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Meet The World’s Sexiest Veterinarian

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Although he now practices in California the doc spent years traveling and helping animals in distress in six different continents before settling down.

dr. antin shirtless

Credit: Instagram @dr.evanantin

And you probably won’t be shocked to hear that the exotic pet doctor has also worked in the past as a model and a personal trainer.

dr. antin with porcupine

Credit: Instagram @dr.evanantin

But don’t count on purchasing that iguana to try and score a date. The good doctor is “off the market unfortunately, but she’s a special girl so I’m really happy,” says Antin, who is currently engaged to be married.

dr. antin with marsupial

Credit: Instagram @dr.evanantin

Not to worry, fans of this fur-loving doc can still follow him on Instagram or YouTube!

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