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Men of Reddit Reveal What They’re Most Self Conscious About

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Guys have insecurities too

Most of us ladies can be insecure about countless things: like our bodies, social skills, job stability, finding a mate, clothes, etc. While the media and advertising companies create high standards for us women, that doesn’t mean men aren’t affected too. While guys aren’t as vocal about their personal issues, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

sad man thinking on couchsad man thinking on couch

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These guys open up to their negativities


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I’m kinda booooring to talk to if I don’t know you very well. (A_Suvorov)

Jordie says: There are lot of support groups (online, of course) for introverts. Just let people know you are one the quieter side and they will probably understand.


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What my face looks like from the side. The majority of the times I see my own face is head on in a mirror, so whenever I see myself from the side I think I look weird.
Also I have bad posture, neck sticks too far forward. (MrSnek)

Jordie says: Many, many women have this same problem. Heck, I have a long neck but I think it’s cool because it’s different. Physical quirks aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Unless you are in high school hell.