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Men: Would You Take a Birth Control Pill?

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Taking the pill is a contraceptive that solely is the responsibility of the woman. While guys don’t have to do much, except unroll a condom, women have to deal with side effects, remembering to take the pill, visiting the gynecologist and so much more that takes time and effort.

Except now there’s a birth control pill for men to take everyday. Scientists at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy have revealed that they are almost ready to unveil the contraceptive pill for men.

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So overdue.

Good news?

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While this is a major breakthrough of modern medicine, there are a number of issues to tackle before it can be publicly released. The scientists want to make sure that it doesn’t lower the libido (sometimes is a side effect for women). Testing must be done to make sure it’s safe in the long run – meaning it must be reversible in case the man wants to reproduce eventually.

The side effects so far

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“At certain doses, it (works),” says Jillian Kyzer, a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. “But at those doses, it doesn’t work for up to 20 percent of men, and it can cause side effects, including weight gain and a decrease in ‘good’ cholesterol.”