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Meryl Streep May Win Another Oscar With This Trump Impersonation

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This Transformation Is ‘YUUUGE.’

Donald Trump is larger than life.

Long before he made his foray into politics back in 2000 or announced his renewed presidential bid on June 16, 2015, Mr. Trump had been an icon of American business and pop culture for many years, thanks largely to his family’s real estate prowess and his loud personality on The Apprentice, the TV show on which he starred from 2004 to 2015.

When we talk about the American Dream, we often picture the poor or disenfranchised, perhaps newcomers to the country, working hard to make a living, slowly rising through the ranks of work, family, and social life before ultimately reaching the top of the ladder, perhaps owning their own business or amassing a fortune. One does not typically think of a ruthless man who receives “a small loan of a million dollars” from his father and goes on to expand the family real estate empire as exemplary of the American Dream.

Still, perhaps Trump represents some new, perverted version of this dream, in which the son of an immigrant can rise to the top, only to then deny that same dream to millions of others, even going so far as to refuse new immigrants admittance into the country and basic human rights. In Trump’s American Dream, show business and politics have never been more similar. In fact, they’re the same thing: the more racy the comments and opinions, the better the ratings and more votes. Best of all, Trump’s American Dream is for sale, just charge it on your card and pay for it later.

Even though Trump is a caricature unto himself, countless actors and comedians have lampooned him during the presidential race. Three-time Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep just got in on the fun and her look is uncanny.

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Credit: Ian Gavan/ John Moore/ Getty Imges

See Meryl Streep dressed up as Trump!

The Costume

No, that’s not Trump on stage, though the unkempt hair, bulging belly, and overly-long tie might make you think otherwise. It’s acclaimed actress Meryl Streep doing her best impression of the presidential pretender. Ms. Streep was accompanied by friend and fellow actress Christine Baranski, who was dressed as Hillary Clinton.

The Venue

Why was Ms. Streep parading as the Republican nominee? This was part of a special gala performance for Shakespeare in the Park, an annual Public Theater festival and New York City favorite that puts on Shakespeare productions free of charge in Central Park.

According to reports, the crowd went wild when Ms. Streep walked out on stage in her Trump garb. Audience members at the June 6th gala included former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, Hamilton show runner Lin-Manuel Miranda, and actress Bette Midler.