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Meryl Streep May Win Another Oscar With This Trump Impersonation

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The Surprise

“Utterly her idea, beginning to end,” said Oskar Eustis, the Public Theater’s artistic director. “There were skeptics, there were doubters, but one of those skeptics was not Meryl Streep. She was absolutely sure she could do it. None of us had seen her in costume or makeup, till she walked out tonight.”

Meryl performed the closing number of the night alongside Christine Baranski to perform Cole Porter’s “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from the musical Kiss Me, Kate. The song, which deals with themes from The Taming of the Shrew and is traditionally sung by two men, perfectly complimented Trump’s current campaign, which has been marred by complaints of misogyny. Ms. Streep is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton.

See some of the performance for yourself!

Air-Brush Up Your Shakespeare

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Fake tan and costume aside, Streep’s spot-on impersonation of Trump’s idiosyncrasies and affectations is outrageous! Clearly, the immensely talented actress is ready for any role, big or small, serious or, in the case of Donald Trump, entirely ridiculous.

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