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Michael Caine Perfectly Describes The Secret To Growing Old And Staying Happy

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“Growing Old Isn’t So Bad – When You Consider The Alternative.”

Michael Caine dropped some major truth bombs on the secret to growing old gracefully while promoting his new movie that centers around the subject. And if anyone is the embodiment of class, suavity and wit it’s Sir Michael Caine – so listen up kids…

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In Caine’s perspective, misery coming along with age is purely a myth. He feels that he rather grows “happier” as he racks up the years (and the Academy Award nominations – he has one for every decade from 1960 to 2000.) Here’s what he had to say in his own words.

“Every decade of life has been happier than the last…”

The myth of old age.

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The 82-year old actor just released his new movie, titled Youth last month, about an octogenarian orchestra conductor who’s career revives suddenly when he’s invited to perform at Prince Phillip’s birthday by the Queen herself. The character in the film simply refuses to grow old, much like Michael Caine himself. He’d rather continue to acknowledge the incredible success and “extreme good fortune” he’s had throughout his career.

Growing happier rather than growing older.

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“Every decade of life has been happier than the last one for different reasons, and I think that’s what happens in Youth – everyone ends up happier,” Caine explained. “A friend of mine says that at least when you wake up and you feel your aches and pains, you know you’re still alive. But what I love about this movie – it has a great view of old age. It tells us that if you are going to get there, it’s really not so bad.

“It’s only your body that gets old. Inside my head I am still 38 (years old).”