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Model With Bionic Arm Hits The Runway With A ‘Mini-Me’

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Beautiful & Born This Way

Born without a right forearm, Rebekah Marine was told that a modeling career wouldn’t be possible for someone like her. But with extreme determination and some help from the changing times, years later she headlined at New York Fashion Week under the adopted title “the bionic model”

Now she’s returned to the NYFW runway for her third season, but this time with a new friend, her “mini-me,” an adorable little girl named Gianna Schiavone who’s special in just the same way!

rebekah marine and giovanni schiavone

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Find out how these two beauties ended up on the runway together…

6-year-old Gianna Schiavone makes her runway debut.

There’s no doubt things haven’t been easy for a little girl like Gianna. But after being born without a fully developed left arm, the one thing she feels sets her apart from other little girls her age is now something that’s making her extremely special. The 6-year-old girl was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to walk down the runway alongside famous NYFW veteran Rebekah Marine, the bionic model. The two beauties walked for FTL Moda, a fashion house that continues to inspire change and inclusivity on the runway by featuring models with disabilities. Marine has walked with them in the past, and Schiavone couldn’t have had a better first experience. “It was fun because she put her hand out and we got to hold hands and at the finale I got to go up and pose and then she got to take me down,” Schiavone told People.

Walking with Schiavone as also Marine’s favorite part of the show.

The two girls, who met through the Lucky Fin Project, a non-profit geared towards supporting people with upper limb differences, couldn’t have formed a more adorable bond. “Gianna’s my mini-me,” said Marine. “She looks like me and she was also born the same way I was.”

And through working with Schiavone, Marine was able to confront those who once told her she would never be able to model when she was Giovanni’s age. “Walking with her meant the world to me. It’s almost symbolic of passing the torch to future generations.”