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Model With Bionic Arm Hits The Runway With A ‘Mini-Me’

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Now the two have become quick gal-pals.

rebekah marine and giovanni schiavone

Source: Instagram @rebekahmarine

After the show was over Schiavone and Marine went out for some girl time.

Marine posted a photo of the two of them laughing and grabbing milkshakes (and a martini!) in the city. “Gianna and I instantly bonded over our love for fashion and everything lip gloss,” Marine says.

But more important than lip gloss is the change Marine is trying to promote in the industry so that little girls like Schiavone will have more opportunities in the future to pursue their dreams.

As for Schiavone, she’ll never forget the experience of walking alongside a professional model who’s just like her. “It’s fun because we both have the same thing in common,” the young model says. “Walking with her makes me feel happy because there’s not just one me in the world.”

But Marine and Schiavone weren’t the only models with disabilities featured in this season’s FTL Moda show…

Marine and Schiavone shared the runway with Fausto Di Pino…

Source: Instagram/@rebekahmarine

Source: Instagram @rebekahmarine

Also strutting their stuff on the runway were professional Italian model Fausto Di Pino, who’s returning to the runway after having undergone cancer treatment, and model Shaholly Ayers who was also born without her right arm and has modeled for FTL Moda shows in the past.

Fan favorite Madeline Stuart, who has Down syndrome, also joined the show.

Tonights walk #NYFW

A photo posted by Madeline Stuart (@madelinesmodelling_) on

Madeline Stuart, who’s made a name for herself as one of the only people with Down syndrome ever to walk Fashion Week also joined the crew of beautiful ladies, proving once again that times are changing and these women are ready to define what beauty means in the fashion industry.

The show also featured women in wheelchairs, men with prosthesis, and truly sought to represent models with all sorts of disabilities.

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