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Mom Starts Slurring Her Words 8 Months Into Pregnancy. Then The Doctors Noticed…

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A Miracle of Modern Medicine

Mandy Banks and her son

Source: Fox 31

Today Mandy is thankful to be alive and grateful for every moment she has to be with her healthy baby boy. This Christmas will be her family’s first with her newborn son, and instead of thanking Santa for gifts, Mandy is thanking a few other miracle workers – the doctors, nurses and medical technicians that she attributes with saving both her and her son’s life. They even had a tearful reunion recently in which Mandy was able to thank the team for giving her her life back.

Listen to Mandy’s powerful testimonial and watch her thank her medical team on the next page, and don’t forget to SHARE her story as your own ‘thank you’ to the miracle workers that saved Mandy’s life and many other lives every day.

Mandy’s Story

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