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Mom’s Funny Comics Highlight The Daily Struggles Of Parenting

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Sometimes you have to laugh at your situation

Katie Kirby is a mother of two who lives in Brighton, England. She’s just like every other mom (or mum) except she runs a hilarious and insightful blog, Hurrah For Gin. Her little comic strips aren’t fancy, but they pack a lot of punch with their poignant yet funny observations.

Katie, 25, told Mashable she began blogging in 2013 as a way to keep her busy after the birth of her second son. “I also struggled to find any blogs at the time which talked about the more challenging and funny sides of parenting so I though I’d try writing one myself,” she said.


Source: Facebook @Hurrah For Gin

Putting your opinions and feeling out into the internet ether for the world to read can be quite intimidating. But Kirby says most of her responses are good. “I get a lot of messages and emails from people saying that they had a bad day, but after reading my blog they were able to laugh about it and feel relieved others were going through the same too,” she said. “People shouldn’t feel like they are a rubbish parent just because they had to drag their kid kicking and screaming out of Tesco’s. It happens to the best of us! Most people understand it’s tongue-in-cheek, but you always get the odd one who doesn’t get it and thinks I’m not grateful for my kids. The fact is that I’m always grateful for them, but sometimes they also annoy the hell out of me. That’s parenting.”

Check out some of her comics!

I choose #4


Source: Facebook @Hurrah For Gin

Like Bruce Banner and The Hulk


Source: Facebook @Hurrah For Gin