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Moonwalk for Dummies

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How to Moonwalk, for Dummies Like Me.


Ahhh, the Moonwalk. I think it’s safe to say that you’ll rarely encounter a wedding or bar mitzvah without at least one failed attempt at this legendary dance.

Sure, we get the gist of it: step on one foot. Use your tippy toes on the other foot. Push back. Fall to the ground. Cry. Run away from the party. Change your name and address. Go into hiding. Die lonely.

Okay—so doing the Moonwalk correctly is a lot harder than it looks (thanks a lot, MJ!) But luckily, this one kid is making your life a lot easier with his step-by-step guide to perfecting the Moonwalk. Honestly, it’s never been easier.

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1. Know What You’re Doing Wrong

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See this form? All wrong. One does not simply walk backwards and call it a Moonwalk. You can get ready to practice by finding some good sneakers or smooth-soled shoes and a nice, smooth surface.

Many types of shoes, not to mention disagreeable floors (or especially carpets) just won’t work. You might be a Moonwalking master, but with the wrong gear, you’ll never know.

2. Know Where to Place Your Weight

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The reason why the Moonwalk trips up so many people (literally) is because they don’t know when to keep their feet on the ground, when to push, and where to keep their weight.

Start off with your left foot on its tippy toes, and keep your weight there. Then practice sliding your right foot back on the heel, while still keeping your foot flat to give the impression of gliding.

Keep working on this with both feet until you get the hang of it.