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Moonwalk for Dummies

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3. Know When to Shift Your Weight

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Okay, here comes the really tricky part.

After you’ve successfully glided one foot back, you’re going to have to quickly shift your weight from one set of toes to the next.

I know this is where I always mess up because I step in the wrong place and then can’t continue sliding along.

4. Know How to Continue Process

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If you think you’ve got the basic motions down, try putting them together into one fluid movement.

It might take a few tries, but soon you’ll get coordinated enough to move around. If you’re finding that this isn’t working well right away, try a few things.

Maybe you didn’t get the weight shifting yet. Remember to slide on the back of your foot and not to keep it flat on the ground, which creates more friction and makes it harder to slide.

5. Practice It

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Practice makes perfect, people! Find yourself an isolated room with a good floor, and just Moonwalk away until you’ve finally got the rhythm down.

Always remember that you can start again from the first stops, and that hardly anybody will get it right the first time. Once you have the movements, the rest is all coordination and muscle memory.

(The jury is still out on whether you need to be shirtless or not for this to work.)