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The 15 Most Amazing Jobs in the World

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Do You Like Your Job?

Do you look forward to going to work every day, or is your life an endless cycle of dreary Monday mornings, weekends that fly by too quickly, and Sunday scaries?

Whether your 9-5 is endlessly dull or you funnel all your passions into your profession, doing the same job for too long a period of time can begin to feel monotonous. Do you ever dream of just packing your bags and starting a new adventure? Let these 15 amazing and unconventional jobs inspire you to do something different.

Starting with one of the most tempting jobs on the list, what would you say to being an Island Caretaker? For those of us not lucky enough to be born on a tropical island paradise, we might depend on scarce vacation time to get in our fill of sand and sun.

For Island Caretakers, work consists of the endless adventure of exploring and maintaining an island, whether studying its ecosystem or preparing it for investment, tourism, or development opportunities. This is the next best thing to actually owning your own island.

Who do I send my resume to?

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Feeling restless at work? One of these might be your next career…

14. Nap for Cash

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If you’re anything like me, you’re already getting paid to sleep on the job, so why not do it full time? From psychological and medicinal studies to artistic performances and furniture trials, a wide array of industries will pay you to nap. This is literally a dream job.

13. The Actual Shark Tank

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Are you looking for more adventure in your professional life? If you love being in or near the water, we might have the job for you. Think about it: people already pay to go watch marine life swim around in tanks, so adding the thrill of watching somebody swim around with them would only draw more spectators. Sure, it could be risky, but chances are, if you ever got eaten, you weren’t doing your job right in the first place.