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Most Epic Wins And Fails Ever Caught on Security Cameras

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Ever Get The Feeling You’re Being Watched?

Chances are, you probably ARE being watched. In most modern cities and suburban areas today, you’re caught on camera more than 200 times per day with all of the surveillance cameras that are installed in private businesses and public spaces. So yes, you can bet your bottom that the government has caught you picking your nose. Probably more than once.

Sometimes, though, security cameras manage to actually do their job and catch some pretty crazy, illegal stuff. Did you know that in India there’s a huge theft problem with women smuggling large stolen goods out of stores under their floor-length skirts? Neither did we, until we saw the unlikely (yet impressive) stunt for ourselves in the footage in this gallery.


From epic attempts at theft to unbelievable freak accidents to indescribably awkward moments, this gallery has it all, caught in beautiful low-def on security cameras from around the world.

So what are you waiting for?!

Read on to see all this crazy security cam business for yourself!

Remember That Skirt Thing We Were Talking About?


Yeah. It’s really, really real. That has gotta take some seriously upper thigh muscle. A lot of squeezing involved, I’d assume.

I Mean, Seriously??!


Was that a 24 pack of water?! Just seamlessly tucked away under her skirt? That is a skill. Even If I was an employee and I caught her, I’d let her go. That was an A for effort.