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Most Hilariously Inappropriate Cakes

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Let Them Eat Cake.

Love cake? So do I. But I also love cake fails.

I saw a cake on Instagram the other day that inspired me to look up what sort of culinary disasters people shared with others online. From homemade cake fails to store-bought catastrophes, these cakes are almost too inappropriate to eat… almost.

Cakes are a universal dessert that many cultures use to celebrate all kinds of events and special occasions. You might only have cake once a year on your birthday, or maybe you eat it whenever your little heart desires. Maybe your appetite will change after seeing these crazy cakes! Just wait till you digest the baby shower cakes…

cake fails restraining order

Source: Instagram @shaymacmorran

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Pleasure Castle

cake fails phallic castle

Source: Instagram @bellaespy

Such beautiful turrets…

Turkey Dookie

cake fails turkey poop

Source: Instagram @kelly_lover_of_horror

Mr. Hanke, is that you?