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Most Interesting Top Secret Documents in History

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The Secrets of a Nation

Freedom of information is now regarded as a human right, an extension of freedom of speech and expression that balances privacy and security with the public’s right to know just what its government and agencies are really up to.

Though strict legislation defines how long documents can be classified for, curious citizens are often left waiting for decades before they know the full extent of various operations, meetings, and even battles.

Do you trust the government? While you might not know just what’s going on at certain bases around the country and globe for another 25–50+ years, here’s a look into previously classified documents that shed light on the kinds of things we’ve done in the past. Redditors enlighten us with some of the most fascinating, insightful, and often upsetting examples…

classified cia

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Finally, the truth about Area 51…

SnaggyKrab: The CIA sanctioned Phoenix Program in the Vietnam War

classified phoenix program

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Designed as an interrogation program, allegedly based in South Vietnamese and military law, the Phoenix Program turned into what CIA officials later described as an organized assassination and torture plot.

“By 1972, Phoenix operatives had neutralized 81,740 suspected NLF operatives, informants and supporters, of whom between 26,000 and 41,000 were killed.”

QuillVance: The simple sabotage field manual.

classified simple sabotage

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Written in 1944 and declassified in 2008, the Simple Sabotage Field Manual was written by the CIA’s Office of Strategic Services as a way for ordinary people to help the Allies by hindering even the most mundane of activities for enemies, such as being disturbing in movie theaters or unproductive at work.