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Most Outrageously Homophobic News Anchors

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3. Amy Kushnir

anti gay newscasters amy kushnir

Source: Facebook @Amy Kushnir

Amy Kushnir of the Texas morning show The Broadcast had a lot to say when Michael Sam celebrated a win with a same-sex kiss on ESPN. She famously stormed off set when she got schooled in an argument about the “offensive” kiss on her own show. So, naturally, she was invited to voice her concerns on Fox News.

In her interview with Fox, Kushnir called Michael Sam’s kiss an “incident” and said that it was an over the top and inappropriate act for ESPN. She also claimed that ESPN only put the kiss on the air to put out a shocking video and gain views. She said that ESPN is supposed to be a “family network” for sports, and that her children shouldn’t be subjected to “gay things” when viewing sports programs.

4. Martha MacCallum

anti gay newscasters Martha MacCallum 1

Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that there are many factors behind anti-gay sentiments, like hate, ignorance, or a mix of both! Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum let her ignorance show when she was discussing the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this summer in favor of marriage equality.

anti gay newscasters martha maccallum 2

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MacCallum doesn’t seem as angry about the marriage equality decision in this interview so much as confused about what exactly “equality” means. In the interview, she turns to Greta Van Susteren and asks, “We’re three people and we love each other and we want to be ‘marriage.’ What’s to prevent that under this?”