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Most Popular Jobs Around the World

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The results may surprise you

Thinking of traveling around the world? Or perhaps, it’s just time for a change? A job can be a great reason to make a move to experience a different part of the world or to be closer to someone who lives in a foreign land. But what fields are booming in other countries these days? The results may be surprising to you, but if you can get the skills needed to do the job, you’ll be set!

Are you ready to take the plunge and move up in the world?

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Would you like to work in one of these countries?

Canada – Healthcare


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Healthcare is a growing industry across the world, but, in Canada, care in one’s own home is becoming a more popular and affordable option. Nurses, nurse practitioners and rehabilitation specialists travel to patients’ homes to administer care and perform rehab. These professionals are highly sought after.

U.K. – IT Industry

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While there are plenty of start-ups that continue to blossom in the US, the U.K. is experiencing a new age of technological innovation. The most popular IT jobs are data communications analysts and software developers.