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12 Movie Endings We’re Not Okay With

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Oh No They Didn’t.

Who doesn’t love a good movie with the perfect ending that leaves you on the edge of your seat? I’d even take a nice drama or rom-com where things work out in the end. Some movies, however, just miss the mark.

When it comes to making movies, ending them at the right time and place in the story is essential to a good audience experience. Writers and directors may love playing around with plot twists and surprise endings, but when these go sour, the one little change could ruin an entire feature film.

On this list, we’ve included some good movies with bad endings, as well as some bad movies with even worse endings! Anyone was fair game when it came to picking the top films that we would have stopped watching right then and there…except that they were already over.

bad movie endings return of the king

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1. “Batman” (1989)

bad movie endings batman 3

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Something I love and really respect about Batman—at least as depicted in the canon—is that he doesn’t kill people. Typically, he just acts as the hand of justice in delivering Gotham’s criminals to the authorities.

That’s why it’s just not okay when he grapples the Joker’s leg to a gargoyle at the end of this movie and lets him fall to his death, thereby killing his arch nemesis. Uh, what just happened? Even the original comic with the Joker knew better than to go through with that.

2. “Halloween 4” (1988)

bad movie endings halloween 3

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Halloween is one of the best horror franchises out there, surprisingly surviving the ’80s when most teen horror saw ridiculous new lows. Each installment continued the horrifying saga of Michael Myers, bringing back fans time after time. This installment, however, has such a bad ending that we’re left regretting even watching.

After successfully avoiding her psychopathic uncle for the entire film, little Jamie inexplicably takes on some of Michael Myers’s evil by touching his hand. At the very end of the movie, she stabs her adoptive mom nearly to death, repeating the night that drove Myers insane in the first film. Between this annoying twist and Donald Pleasence painfully yelling “No!” for what feels like an eternity, the ending will have you crawling out of the movie theater. Awful.