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Movie Producer Tweets Script Intros for Female Stars and It’s Pretty Awful

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Movie producer Ross Putman reads a lot of scripts. A lot of scripts. After noticing a particularly cringeworthy trend in many of the works he was reading he decided to create Twitter account @femscriptintros to share with the world one of the many sexist kinks in Hollywood’s chain — the introductions for female leads.

Twitter Account Posts Female Script Intros For Hollywood Movies

Source: Twitter @femscriptintros, Photofest

While hilarious at first, as you read on the lines reveal the intrinsic realities regarding how Hollywood thinks women should be served up to us on screen. The lines Putman has posted have been taken verbatim from scripts he’s read, minus one detail: Every woman’s name has been changed to Jane.

Female actors, writers and directors have all bemoaned the gender inequality rampant in the film industry, and Putman highlights just how ingrained these qualities are in the industry.

So what’s JANE really like? We’ll tell you…

Jane’s homely. Just kidding.

No, really. We don’t even really care how she looks.