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10 Movies Too Controversial to Be Remade Today

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Heathers (1988)

Heathers girls in suits with pads

Credit: New World Pictures

Just a casual high school drama about popularity, social politics, and cheerleading, until Christian Slater starts killing people. It starts as a kind of joke/accident, but Slater’s homicidal tendencies quickly become a strange social coping mechanism. Heathers is unique in that movies about teenage murder in high school tend to have gone out of fashion since it became a reality of American life. Sad. But no one can deny that Winona Ryder kills it in this classic never-to-be-remade flick.

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Pretty Baby (1978)

Pretty Baby Brooke Shields prostitute

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Susan Sarandon playing a New Orleans hooker. Dope. And Brooke Shields playing her 12-year-old daughter in one of her first roles on the silver screen. The best. But when 12-year-old Brooke gets seduced into selling herself (in the film, of course), things take a turn for the darker. There aren’t many mainstream films about child prostitution these days—perhaps advertising for them would be too complicated. Or perhaps it’s just because people are more likely to dish out $15 for a feel good romcom or “edgy” superhero flick. They deal with social issues too, right?

Pink Flamingos (1972)

Pink Flamingo Divine in a red dress with a gun

Credit: Dreamland

In case you haven’t caught the John Waters bug, just go to Baltimore and drink the water. That won’t be the only thing that you catch. But for a movie that has a dearth of coherent plot, you’ll never forget it once you see it. Famous for it thematization of incest and a sex scene that kills a chicken, this film concretized Waters’s relationship with his drag-queen superstar Divine for life. And he made her eat shit, real shit, in front of the camera. No director would have the gaul these days.