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Mullets Are BAAACK!! But This Time Just For Girls…

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Zendaya’s Look


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

But Gaga wasn’t the only one sporting the look in reverence of Bowie’s greatness. Zandaya, whose hair became controversial after last year’s Oscars after Guiliana Rancic stated it looked like it smelled of “weed and patchouli oil,” made her locks the talk of the town again this year with this sexed-up mullet.

And she’s not the only one…

Scarlet Johansson Also Rocked The Style A Decade Too Early

scarlett johansson with mullet

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

ScarJo tried to pick up the trend back up in 2003 with this “muhullet” – the combination of a mohawk and a mullet. The world wasn’t ready in the aughts, but now…

“Right now, everyone is having more fun with their hair and I love it. From braids to daring lengths, it is a [great] time to be playful with your hair, said Fabio Scalia, hairstylst and owner of Fabio Scalia salons to Today.

And It’s All Over Instagram…

girl with mullet

Source: Instagram/@xdeadboy

Celebs aren’t the only ladies picking up on the trend. It’s all over social media! Get ready to see the female mullet — also given the pseudonym “tri-level” cut for those who get squeamish around its true title — in a city near you.