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Murdered Spy Claimed Putin Was Caught On Film Doing THIS With Boys

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Many Americans don’t follow a lot of Russian politics, but there seems to be never ending controversy with their president, Vladimir Putin. Whether it’s scandal or the world’s media making fun of him, he’s always being watched and scrutinized. Well now accusations have come to light claiming that Putin is a pedophile and was even caught on tape behaving inappropriately with young boys.

putin with two young boys

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Will the Kremlin even investigate these accusations?

Alexander Litvinenko


Source: Twitter @inhuggermugger

Alexander Litvinenko was once claimed Alexander was a former officer of the Russian FSB secret service who specialized in tackling organized crime. He made claims against his superiors and was arrested twice for “exceeding the authority of his position.” He fled to the United Kingdom where he became a journalist and consultant for British Intelligence.


litvinenko ill

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In 2006 Litvinenko fell mysteriously ill and died of polonium poisoning, the first ever case. It was suspected that he was murdered by the Russian government. In an inquiry about his death that ended just this month, it was determined that his murder was an FSB operation, that was probably personally approved by Vladimir Putin.