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Museum Face Swap Is EPIC

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In your face!

Face Swap is the hottest filter for your photos. Why? They are absolutely hilarious. But did you know you can do more than just swap faces with your bestie? Imgur user JakeMarshall91 decided to get a little culture and headed to a museum. Instead of just staring at the ancient and classic art, he wondered what his face would look like on these priceless statues and busts. And voila — Face Swap! Not only are the photos hilarious, but a little creepy as well. We think these face swap photo collection should be displayed in a museum!

faceswap feature d01

Source: Imgur @ JakeMarshall91

These Face Swaps are better than yours.

Is this a video game?

faceswap 01

Source: Imgur @ JakeMarshall91

Someone save him! Someone save me!

faceswap 02

Source: Imgur @ JakeMarshall91