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Muslim Family Barred From Disneyland ‘For Being Muslim’…But Is That The Real Reason?

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Have Mohammad and His Family Been ‘Trumped’?


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Mohammad Tariq Mahmood recently made headlines after he claimed he and his British Muslim family were barred from entering the US, and resultantly Disneyland, because “he was muslim.”

The controversial story quickly went viral and new information has popped up to help determine whether Mahmood’s claim on religious bigotry held water, or if Homeland Security’s denial of their family’s entry might have been well warranted. Here’s what we know about the dispute so far…


muslim family barred from disneyland

Source: DailyMail

Six weeks prior to their trip to the United States, Mohammad, along with two of his children; his brother Zahid, his five children; and two nieces who were accompanying them, all had approval to enter the country.

Their bags were on the plane, they had already checked in, but at somewhere between the point of check-in and boarding the aircraft, the family was told they could no longer get on the plane. Their access to the country was denied, and they were escorted from the airport.

Mahmood’s Reasoning

“I had made sure we had our ESTAs cleared six weeks ago so I couldn’t think what could be wrong,” said Mohammad about the situation.

“I asked why we weren’t allowed to board. I had to be persistent. He wouldn’t tell me why and said he didn’t know at first. He finally said they had had a call from Washington DC from homeland security and that I wasn’t allowed to board. He wouldn’t tell me anything more. They can’t react like that just because we are Muslim. We are decent people. My kids are obviously upset.” So where did Homeland Security’s decision to bar the family come from?