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Muslim Family Barred From Disneyland ‘For Being Muslim’…But Is That The Real Reason?

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The Wives

One of the first facts pointed out was that it seemed strange that two men would be traveling alone with nine children. The family reportedly stated that the wives remained in London because one of them had gotten sick, and the other had stayed behind to attend to her. However, it later came out that one of the wives may have been in Pakistan during the time of the family excursion.

Faux-Taliban Facebook Account?

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Another reason people believe that Homeland Security may have been rigid with the Mahmood family is the connection between the family and an uncovered Facebook account that boasts pro-Taliban and Al Qaeda rhetoric.

The family’s home address was linked to a profile created under the name Hamza Hussain – Hamza is the first name of Mahmood’s 18-year-old son. The profile also lists the holder’s job title as “supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda”, which is likely a joke – but you know how well jokes go over in regards to airline safety.

Brother Had Been Barred Before

Mohammad’s brother Zahid also had a record of having been barred entrance into Israel almost a decade prior, which may have been a big influence on the decision to keep the family grounded. CNN noted that not ALL members of the family were barred from boarding the plane, though Homeland Security declined to state which family members these were.

“He was touring a few countries nine or 10 years ago and decided to visit the Grand Mosque,” says Mohammad about his brother’s record. “Then he was stopped because he has a big beard… It was not like he was prosecuted or convicted of anything afterwards. Maybe the authorities were being awkward. In the end he just came back home.”

Mohammad also denies any association with the Facebook profile, citing hackers for the reasoning that their home address was associated with the account. He also brings up the point that both of these facts were likely known at the time the family was given initial approval for the entry into the country. So why the last minute switch? “So far there have been no answers,” he says. “If Facebook was the problem, why has it come out now? If my brother was the problem, why has it come out now?”