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The Awesome Reason Why This Man Is Trying to Guess Strangers’ Age

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Excuse Me… How Old Are You?

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Source: YouTube @My40Days

How old do you look? More importantly, how old do you feel?

Oftentimes, age is a subject we’re all aware of but desperately try to avoid in polite society. The older we get, the more taboo age becomes. But why?

26-year-old Caleb Meakins is in the midst of a personal challenge called My 40 Days in which he undertakes a new dare each day in order to help him overcome his fear of failure. Even if we deny it, all of us experience a fear of failure to some extent, whether when delivering a project at work or trying to live up to the expectations of our friends and loved ones. Instead of living with that fear, Meakins decided to do something about it.

On day 28, Caleb took to the crowded streets of London with one simple but terrifying task: to try and guess strangers’ ages. Most of us have learned one way or another that this is a social no-no, but why? What Meakins had to say about this social norm might just change the way you think about age forever.

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Source: YouTube @My40Days

“When we are young we want to be older, when we are old we want to be younger,” Caleb writes in the description of his Day 28 challenge video on YouTube.

“Age is so often stigmatised and people find themselves embarrassed of their age. This challenge is about embracing and owning our age.”

Ain’t it the truth? Why is it that age becomes such a taboo topic as we grow older? And why does it feel like some men can embrace their age while women–even young ones–feel the need to hide or ignore that most personal information?

Perhaps as we advance in age, we become even more afraid of failure than ever, afraid that our own number of years somehow limits us or holds us back. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, that we grow braver and more confident with each passing day and year?

Regarding failure, Caleb writes, “The fear of failure prevents people from reaching their full potential, leading them to settle for a life of mediocrity. I hope that as people journey with me, in my successes and failures, they may become inspired to not settle within the confines of comfort but instead embrace the fear of failure, risking it all for the things that are worth risking it all for!”

It’s an inspiring message that we could all learn something from: love yourself. Love every fault, every wrinkle, every mistake, every year, and the result will be a better, happier you.

So the next time a stranger on the street stops and asks you your age, don’t shy away. Sound your barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. SHARE if that’s a message you could get behind! Then see Caleb in action below:

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