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Myths You’ve Been Taught About the Amish

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3. No Electricity

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Perhaps the biggest lie we’re taught about the Amish is that they do not use any electricity. This depends on how strict a given community is, but the fact of the matter is that this isn’t true.

While in general the Amish will not have electricity in their homes, and will shun unnecessary electronics such as toys, TVs, and video games, they are known to use items such as generators to heat their homes or workplaces.

4. No Modern Technology

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Similarly to the belief about electricity in Amish communities, the concept that they think technology is evil is not true. The primary Amish concern when it comes to technology is that modern society is more easily corrupted or distracted from a pure way of life by an excess of technology.

Contrary to popular belief, many Amish people do have a landline in their barn or business, and many more have cell phones for work or emergency purposes. When it comes to picking and choosing what technology to permit, Amish communities make a careful decision as to whether or not the tech might pose a threat to their way of life.

A 2007 reported showed that 97% of Amish use motorized washing mashings, and over 70% use flushing toilets and bathtubs with running water.

5. No Taxes

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Another misconception about the Amish is that they do not pay any taxes, but this isn’t entirely true. The Amish pay state taxes, income taxes, and property taxes, but there are Amish people who don’t contribute to Social Security.

It is true, however, that they do not use public schools or other government programs like welfare.