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Naked Pooping, Male Pregnancy and More Dark Secrets Confessed

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I just peed in a plastic bag.

Bag of pee strapped to a tree

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I really had to go but one of my flat mates is hosting a party and the people that are still here are extremely drunk and I just can’t deal with that right now and the toilet is on the other end of the flat and so I peed in a plastic bag and threw it out of the window. There were a few splashes on the floor so I cleaned those up with a used towel.
Maybe I should go to a psychologist, is this anxiety? (Skxjskxj)

I don’t like your kids

Bear meme

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I have a son and he’s amazing. He’s handsome, well behaved, polite, smart as fuck, fun to be around. I’m a good mom. I’m engaged and present and all that good stuff. But I don’t like anyone else’s kids. I don’t want to hang out with my friends’ kids or babysit or anything like that. (Tulip6983)

Coming Up: in case you were worried there were no Pokémon Go confessions, don’t worry. There are.

I hate Pokémon Go because of my girlfriend.

PokemonGo user dresses like her character from the game

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Every time we leave the house she’s on her phone 100% of the time and it ruins the time we spend together. I wish she valued my company as much as finding pikachu. (andrewulm556)