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Nerdiest Geek Puns That Will Test Your Intelligence

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Why Can’t You Explain a Pun to a Kleptomaniac?

Because they always take things literally!

There’s a whole wide world out there filled with glorious puns and clever wordplay that are sure to make the most of anyone’s day if they’re keen enough to understand them. Sometimes, the more cult and nerdy a joke gets, the better it is once you finally understand it.

While there are plenty of people out there who would discard nerdy puns and consider them useless, these truly are some of the funniest bits of humor on the internet, and calling them average would be downright mean!

nerdiest puns black hole

Source: Twitter @malikbenayed

What are you waiting for? Start the slideshow below and prepare for some of the nerdiest, punniest jokes around, then SHARE!

Soaring, Flying

nerdiest puns wright brothers


This one deserves a standing aviation.

Bill Nye

nerdiest puns gravity

Source: tumblr/ intellectualhumor

It kept me in my seat the whole time.