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Netflix And KILL Your Sex Life: Company Blamed For Declining Romp Rates

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Jokes to Hide the Pain

netflix and chill literally meme

Source: Imgur @bostweek

An article in Vice called “Why Millennials Aren’t F*cking” by Dave Simpson reported on some studies. Researchers at San Diego State University discovered that millennials have reported fewer sexual partners than previous generations.

So while casual sex is becoming less taboo and the memes keep rolling in, the creators of those hilarious jokes aren’t exactly flaunting their own love lives.

What, Me Worry?

netflix and chill father and son meme

Source: Imgur @MrNichols

Less sex means less children being born. While some may see this as beneficial (because of overpopulation), such a dramatic drop in birthrates in such a relatively short amount of time MAY have a negative effect on the economy.

While my bed is seeing a big, fat goose egg, hopefully someone out there is boosting the average. Maybe I should invite a gentleman over for Netflix…

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