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Netflix Just Made Another Huge Stride On Parental Leave

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Let’s Help New Parents Be Good Parents

The U.S. is WAY behind the times when it comes to supporting new parents in their efforts to establish relationships with and care for their newborns through paid parental leave. While federal policy requires that medium and large companies are required to provide 16 weeks of unpaid leave, there is zero requirement to provide any sort of paid leave. And while paid leave does have a tendency to be folded into contracts for highly-skilled salaried worker positions, those that are working hourly jobs are left in the dust, often scrounging together a few weeks of unpaid time off to give birth and forcing new parents to go straight back to work to support themselves and their families.

Netflix has an answer to our parental prayers…

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Find out how Netflix is setting a great example for what we should come to expect. Don’t forget to SHARE and spread the word that we need change!

The New Plan

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The California-based tech company recently agreed to give all salaried employees up to 12 months of PAID parental leave to take however they like, whenever they like. This applies to BOTH parents and can be used up to one year after giving birth OR adopting. There was only one major disappointment in the company’s new policy…

One Problem

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At the time of its announcement, the new plan did not take into account the employees that worked on the DVD side of the company’s business. In other words, many of their hourly employees. In response to the flack they received for not supporting all of their employees equally — including a petition with over 6,000 signatures (after all, is good parenting more important for moms and dads of one tier of positions over another?) — Netflix surprisingly decided to reverse its decision.