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New Artificial Intelligence That Perfectly Predicted Kentucky Derby Says World War Is Coming

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It’s HAL 9000 in the making…

We’ve been developing supercomputers and smart technology for decades now, with manmade machines constantly and consistently outperforming man in terms of tasks and calculations.

From an even longer history of fiction that depicts evil technology taking over the human race, we’re finally starting to see amazing examples of just how far our computers and their software have come.

The latest smart tech to make headlines is UNU. It’s a social platform developed by Unanimous A.I. that uses swarm intelligence to power its artificial intelligence and make it possibly much smarter than you and me.

In fact, UNU is so smart that it recently predicted the Superfecta at the Kentucky Derby– the practically impossible feat of correctly predicting the first, second, third, and fourth place winners of the race. This turned one journalist’s $1 bet into $542. Not too shabby.

Following that impressive victory, UNU did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, and if its track record at the Derby is any sign of credibility, some of the other predictions it made should make you very afraid.

UNU swarm intelligence hal 9000 space odyssey

Credit: MGM/ Photofest

World War III, right this way…

Meet UNU

UNU swarm intelligence brain

Source: Twitter @TheMarySue

Before starting the “Ask Me Anything”, UNU provided some information about itself, such as the fact that it predicted this year’s Oscars with 76% accuracy.

UNU explains that its capabilities come from Swarm Intelligence, which “links together lots of people into a real-time system – a brain of brains – that consistently outperforms the individuals who make me up.”

So, using its virtually endless sources, what did UNU have to say about the future of politics?

Imminent War

UNU swarm intelligence war

Source: Twitter @BBCNews

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