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New Robots Are Guaranteed to Freak You Out.

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Robots are no longer a thing of the future.

For decades, we’ve been fascinated by the concept of robots. From sci-fi and space films to contemporary works of fiction, mechanic friends and foes have pervaded our collective consciousness for some time, always as a gleaming — and scary — product of futurism.

Robotics design company Boston Dynamics is one of today’s leaders in the production of diverse and utilitarian robots, having worked with DARPA, Sony, and the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Claiming to create the “most advanced robots on Earth,” Boston Dynamics never fails to impress us with their skilled robots with near-perfect mobility, sensor-based controls, and complex mechanisms.

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Source: Twitter @Fallout

The company just released video footage of their latest robot design, and it’s so realistic you can’t help but think it’s the first step towards Terminator.

Created in 2013, the Atlas robot stands six feet tall and weighs 330 pounds.

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Source: Twitter @techradar

A humanoid robot designed for search and rescue missions, the newer version of Atlas pictured above stands about 5’9″ and weighs 180 pounds. While it’s movements are just a bit awkward, it uses LIDAR sensors to measure distance along with body and leg sensors to balance and move across varied terrains and through obstacles.

In the latest video, we see the next generation Atlas successfully maneuvering its way around a warehouse and a snow-covered forest, opening doors, picking up packages, and carefully regaining its balance when it stumbles.

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Atlas’s movements, while constantly improving, have previously been compared to those of a small child, who walks carefully, stumbles often, but manages to get back on its feet.