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New Robots Are Guaranteed to Freak You Out.

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In one of the weirder moments of the video, we see Boston Dynamics workers testing Atlas’s skills by moving around the box the robot is attempting to grab and even pushing the robot over in order to watch it get back on its “feet.”

robot 3

Source: YouTube @Boston Dynamics

While fascinating to see Atlas handling these tricky situations, I hope these researchers know that when Atlas and other robots take over the world, they won’t forget all the times they were pushed over onto their faces.

Boston Dynamics is especially well known for their four-legged robot BigDog, which was designed to be a pack mule for American troops in the Middle East and in other conflict zones.

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I don’t know about you, but BigDog seems like some sort of Toy Story/ Beauty and the Beast/ Tim Burton crossover with its flexible legs and bulky, mechanical body. The robot was ultimately deemed too loud for combat.

Regardless of their somewhat frightening mannerisms and discomforting motions, these robots are absolutely fascinating and beautiful accomplishments of science and technology. As we continue making the shift from humans to automated processes and robots both in the workplace and in belligerent zones, we should expect to see more mechanical wonders like these all around us.

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