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New Mom Was Body Shamed, She Had THIS Perfect Response

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It’s crazy how many body shammers are still out there in 2016. While so many people have become more tolerant of body shapes, transgender folks, people of color and different religions, there are still haters out there. I don’t get why. I mean, I understand trolls who have nothing better with their energy and time than to provide unwarranted and unwanted comments on the internet and in real life. But if you don’t have anything positive or smart to say, why bother?

I don’t know if you can quantify the levels of body shaming, but pointing out the extra weight a brand new mom has is despicable. What if you someone talked to your mother that way after she gave birth to you? Of course these classless trolls think they are perfect and lack severe self-awareness.

Read the story of this new mama who shut down body shamers.

new baby bump instagram

Source: Instagram @mrsgifletcher

Haters gonna hate until they are put in their place

Giving birth

woman being serenaded during giving birth

Source: Instagram @tomfletcher

Londoner Giovanna Fletcher, wife of McFly band member Tom Fletcher,recently gave birth. Her her famous husband serenaded the love of his life while she was giving birth.

Baby bump

new baby bump instagram

Source: Instagram @mrsgifletcher

Like all new mothers, Giovanna’s body didn’t bounce back after 11 days. Excess weight after the birth is totes normal and expected. She needed to eat for two for nine months to have a happy and healthy baby, after all.