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New Period Panties Let Women Bleed Onto Faces of Politicians Who Don’t Support Women’s Rights

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Month

When you’re in a bad mood, the last thing you want is to hear some politician telling you just how and when they’re planning on making decisions about and further controlling your body.

Sure, the government often has our health in mind, as we’ve seen over the past few decades with robust anti-smoking campaigns, anti-pollution initiatives, and stricter laws regarding guns, travel, and general security, but just how personal do politicians plan on getting?

One of the most contested issues in contemporary American politics is women’s rights, specifically their reproductive rights. From placing luxury taxes on items like pads and tampons to prohibiting women from aborting pregnancies (even 43 years after Roe v. Wade), politicians in the United States are especially controlling of the female body, which is surprising given our country’s historical anti-big government attitude.

So what’s a woman to do? Sometimes—especially when it’s your time of the month—it’s just too much work to protest, sign petitions, or take legal action. But now, thanks to a women’s underwear company, women on their period can finally partake in the pleasure of taking out their frustration on anti-women’s rights politicians in the most carnal way: by bleeding on them.

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Source: Bloody Marys

You won’t believe these awesome period panties!

It’s not easy to be a woman, especially in a state that takes advantage of your basic biology to rip you off at the cash register each month by placing a luxury tax on pads and tampons.

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Unless you live in Minnesota, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or a state that has no sales tax, you’re paying a luxury tax on these items, which could add up to about an extra $7 a month…for 40 years. Good luck telling a woman that tampons and pads aren’t necessities.

Wish you could take out your anger for politicians who just don’t give a hoot about women’s rights? Now you can. Introducing the Blood Dumpsters by Blood Marys Period Panties.

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Source: Bloody Marys

Known for their funky fashion and detachable heat pads, Blood Marys Period Panties are a comforting statement piece for any woman fighting cramps and period pains. According to the brand, their special fabric is moisture-wicking, leak-proof, and anti-bacterial.