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New Quantum Equation Predicts There Was No Big Bang and Universe Has Always Been Here

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Based on studies by the theoretical physicist David Bohm, Ahmed Farag Ali and Saurya Das published a paper in Physics Letters B last year shedding light on a new model of universal expansion.

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Whereas the Big Bang depends on a moment of singularity, such a state is regarded as impossible by physics.

The new theory takes Bohmian quantum trajectories into account in order to correct a classic understanding of spacetime expansion while still using elements of general relativity. Whereas classic trajectories eventually intersect, causing a need for singularities, quantum-corrected trajectories never intersect, thus eliminating a theoretical need for the physically impossible singularity that the Big Bang Theory is based upon.

This new theory, then, keeps the universe at a constant, finite size and an infinite age: perhaps it has always been here, though changing all the time.

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The theory makes accurate predictions for the current density of the universe, and Ali and Das suggest their calculations would hold even as a theory of quantum gravity is further formulated.

Could the Big Bang Theory be a misinterpretation of the formation of our universe? Was the universe even ever truly ‘formed’? One thing for sure is that we can expect to learn a lot more about the space around us as technology improves and scientists further their studies of cosmology.

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