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New Site Will Determine Your Dog’s Breed From A Photo

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Oh, what an age to live in! Besides all the medical progresses going on, space exploration and technology. We have the world in the palm of our hands with smartphones. New technology and apps are being created everyday, making the world we live in easier, faster and (arguably) smarter.

Take this new app for example. It determines the breed of your dog in microseconds. Useful? Not really. Fun? You betcha! We uploaded some funny dog photos to see how accurate really is.

french bulldog dog result

Source: TriADDD/Imgur

Check out these funny dogs and how well the program actually works.


pug dog result

Source: joey2the_pug @Instagram

Spot on! This was probably easy because of the bulging eyes<


mini pinscher dog result

Source: daisy_the_rotweiler @Instagram

Close, but no cigar. The coloring of this guy must have thrown the app off.