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New Social Media Trend: Airline Passenger Shaming

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Let’s all act like grownups

Dealing with airports and airlines is difficult enough. Not only do you have to show up hours earlier than your flight, you have to do deal with long lines, flight delays, cramped spaces, and an apathetic staff. No one likes having to spend hours crammed together like sardines in a cabin, but it’s a small price to pay for being able to fly in the air for hundreds of miles an hour. Most of us behave ourselves, but then there are certain people who forbid social etiquette. The things they do in public on a flight should be reserved for being at home on your couch. Do you really need to take your shirt off? Check out Passenger Shaming, an Instagram and Facebook page going viral for its hilarious shots capturing those passengers who act inappropriately. It’s good to know that there’s other people out there whose flights are worse than yours.

urine in airplane sink

Source: Instagram @passengershaming

Start the slideshow below and brace yourself, it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride!

Uninvited invasion of delegated space.

man with two laptops on tray tables on airplane

Source: Instagram @passengershaming

How does your foot get THAT dirty?!

dirty foot up on airplane

Source: Instagram @passengershaming