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New Study Shows E-cigarettes Emit Toxic Harmful Chemicals

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They did studies on three different types of e-liquids

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The scientists decided to do an experiment on the harmful chemicals, where they used three liquids in two different custom-built devices. Co-author and Berkeley Lab researcher Lara Gundel stated in the Environment Science & Technology journal, “When you apply the same voltage to the double-coil e-cigarette you see a lot less emissions. We think it has to do with lower temperatures at each of the coil surfaces.”

There is still a bright side to using e-cigarettes

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After the experiment, the researchers discovered that there were significant levels of 31 harmful chemical compounds found in the vapor of the e-cigarette. While it’s already been known that cigarettes emit harmful chemicals, propylene oxide and glycidol were newly discovered toxins found to be released from e-cigarettes. The only brighter side of these toxins being released is that e-cigarettes have been proven by studies to help heavy smokers to reach their goals of quitting. Many health officials would encourage smokers to use the products as they wean themselves off of hard cigarettes altogether.

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