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Next Time You’re on the Toilet and Somebody Knocks, You Have to Try These Responses

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The Dreaded Knock

You’ve been holding it in for who knows how long, but you can’t any longer. You rush to the nearest bathroom for a few moments of peace and quiet. Nature’s detox. Just a few minutes to take care of some business…

…and then someone knocks. Or even worse, they try and come right in.

Isn’t there another stall? Couldn’t they see the door was closed and locked for a reason? Must they disturb you when you’re most vulnerable?

While most of us might start sweating bullets and shyly mumble back “Occupied,” the fact is that this is an amazing time to play around and have your way with the innocent soul on the other side of the stall door. After all, you’ve earned the right to come sit here in peace, and nobody should be rushing you out.

Redditors were asked to share the BEST responses for when someone knocks on the bathroom door when you’re on the toilet, and you can bet we’ll be trying these out ASAP.

woman taking underpants off while sitting on toilet

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Are you brave enough?

Who’s There?

guess who board game

Source: Milton Bradley

Knock back. (Swift06)

Tommy Boy

tommy boy housekeeping

Source: Paramount Pictures

House keeping. (ElvisShrugged)