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Nickelodeon Just Introduced Its First Gay Cartoon Couple and People Are Loving It

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Time to Make History

The best part about the McBrides’ introduction—aside from the importance of their inclusion and, indeed, existence—is the way the episode built up to their debut in such a playful, tongue-in-cheek manner.

First off, the name of the episode where the couple is proudly shown together is “Overnight Success.” While the plot revolves around a sleepover, it goes without saying that this could be the writers’ own nod to the popular reaction the episode and its characters were sure to garner.

Secondly and best of all, immediately before Clyde shows up at Lincoln’s front door with his dads, Lincoln breaks the fourth wall (as is his custom) and announces, “This is it: Time to make history.” And that is exactly what The Loud House and Nickelodeon did. Though it’s not the first animated series by far to introduce a gay character or express homosexual sentiment, the McBrides are unique in that they are a married couple, interracial, and have a child (who is a main character). They are not closeted, and their orientation is explicit, not hidden by innuendo or subtle hints. Previous Nickelodeon cartoons to feature characters who were later implied as having been gay include Hey Arnold! (4th grade teacher Mr. Simmons; Eugene was called “kind of ‘proto-gay'” for his fear of girls) and The Legend of Korra (Korra and Asami).

In contrast to these subtly gay characters, however, the McBrides represent a new era of homosexual acceptance, and fans have taken to social media to show their solidarity and support of being #LoudandProud. See their reactions on the next page!

Loud and Proud

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Background painter Hallie Eliz, who works on The Loud House, tweeted: “The Loud House is the best house. I love working on this show #LoudandProud”

Shouting for Joy

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