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No Pokémon Go for Sexual Predators in New York

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Lures and lures

four children playing on phones on a bench in park

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In the game, you can use a “lure” at any Pokéstop that attracts more Pokémon. Pedophiles could potentially use this feature to try to attract children who play the game. If you are a New Yorker, you can search the Sex Offender Registry too see if there are any criminals near you and your children.

Stranger Danger

hand playing pokemon go on phone in park

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Hopefully Pokémon Go’s creator, Niantic, will soon add on a feature that will not place Pokéstops near these convicted offenders. Twenty-two percent of the game’s users are children. Kids should be accompanied by adults when hunting Pokémon or travel in groups. There have already been reports of people being injured when not paying attention to their surroundings while playing the game.

Be sure to write to your state to get them to enforce a similar law! And please SHARE this with friends and parents that care!