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Nurse Walks More Than A Mile In Blizzard To Care For Elderly Patients

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Snowstorm Jonas Was No Match For This Nurse

As much fun as a snow day can be for the rest of us – snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels – some people don’t have the luxury of taking the day off during a blizzard, like those working in the healthcare industry who have patients depending on them.

Chantelle Daibate, a nurse who works at the Hebrew Home in Riverdale was nailed with snowstorm Jonas last week, and she could’ve easily chalked up the day to a loss and curled up on her couch during the snowfall, but instead this committed caregiver fared the storm and trudged over a mile over snow and ice so that she could be there for her patients.

nurse chantelle diabate

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“This is what it means to be a nurse…”

Chantelle knew she had to get to work despite the weather to help her patients.

subway station during jonas blizzard in nyc

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“I walked for about an hour and all I kept thinking was, I really love my patients,” Diabate said to the Daily News. Meanwhile the debilitating storm that dropped a near-record-breaking 26.8 inches of the white stuff on the city had already shut down down the city’s roads.

Chantelle couldn’t believe when she heard public transportation had been shut down too and that the storm was picking up its speed. The committed employee already had found care for her 3-year-old daughter the night before and had stayed that night in the Bronx so she would be close to work the following day. There was no way she was giving up.

A new employee, but fully committed.

Chantelle had been working at the facility that houses more than 840 patients for about six months, and she wasn’t going to let a little snowfall stop her. “A friend walked with me and fell. At first I started out kind of like speed walking on ice. But then I realized this is like a workout and it’s dangerous,” she said. “Then I thought, you know what? A slow and steady pace is going to get me there, eventually.”