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Ohio University Sorority Defies Stereotypes with Powerful Campaign

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Society Tells Us…

Greek life on college campuses may forever be engrained in our minds as something along the lines of Animal House, but the times have seriously changed. Now more than ever, sororities and fraternities around the nation are doing a massive part in helping their communities and giving back to charitable causes.

According to a 2012 Elite Daily article, students participating in Greek life had a 71% graduation rate from college, compared to only 50% for non-Greeks. Greek alumni also accounted for 75% of donations to colleges and universities, while current Greek life students gave an annual $7 and 850,000 hours to charities and other organizations.

Positive statistics aside, fraternities and sororities are still the victims of vicious stereotypes that belittle their members down to the most drunk and least involved caricatures that countless years of teen movies have carved them out to be in the public imagination.

One women’s fraternity at Ohio University had enough of the harmful stereotypes, starting a viral campaign to show the integrity and individuality of each sister.

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Source: Facebook/ Ohio University Delta Gamma

See what other stereotypes these Delta Gammas are shattering.

An Open Letter from the Sorority

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Source: Facebook/ Kaitlin Hatton

The Zeta Rho Chapter of Delta Gamma at Ohio University experienced firsthand what it’s like to have society determine what they were and were not capable of. That’s when sister Elizabeth Harris came forward with an idea that would give a powerful wakeup call to Ohio University: to show the campus what these young women are really made of. Harris approached sister Kaitlin Hatton, who took all the pictures herself. Little did the “Dee Gees” know how big their campaign would become.

They’re not training to be wives, they’re training to become executives.

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Source: Facebook/ Ohio University Delta Gamma

“Society says we marry lawyers, but I’m going to be one.”