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Oliver Stone Warns of the Dangers of ‘Pokémon GO’: Start of a Robot Society

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When Catching Them All Becomes Dangerous

Oliver Stone is a smart guy.

Famous for movies like Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, and the upcoming biographical thriller Snowden, as well as numerous political documentaries, it’s safe to say that the director prefers working on themes of corruption, scandal, power, and controversy.

While approaching work from this point of view requires scrutiny, objectivity, and even some level of a conspiratorial mind, Stone’s latest comments regarding the newest trend sweeping the nation have raised quite a few eyebrows. And no, we’re not talking about populist politics or exposing Hillary’s deleted emails: We’re talking Pokémon GO.

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Is big business trying to catch us all?

The Power of Pokémon

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Just two weeks after its release in North America, Pokémon GO already had over 30 million downloads, breaking records for most downloads in the first week.

Unless you’ve been avoiding going outside or using the TV and internet at all cost, chances are you’ve already seen Pokémon GO take the country by storm, perhaps you’ve even been swept up in the craze.

And while the game has been met with praise, there’s also been one major piece of criticism: Pokémon GO is stealing your personal information.


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Critics were quick to express their concern at the fact that the game requires access to the user’s location service, as well as their email, though developer Niantic stated they’ve since remedied that problem.

Of course many other apps also access location services, a point of growing concern among people who think that cell phone companies, app developers, and big businesses, even more so than the government, are using these subtle methods to collect far more information about citizens than we should be comfortable sharing. One such critic is Oliver Stone.