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On-Screen Superheroes Then and Now

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With great power comes great fashion responsibility.

One of my favorite things about Marvel and DC comics coming to TV and the big screen are the outfits. Superhero outfits have been carefully designed since they first started in comics. They need to be cool looking, functional, yet different from others. Onscreen superheroes of the the 20th Century tried to stay true to the illustrations and styles of those particular decades. (Let the spandex jokes commence!)

But since the incredible success of movies like X-Men as well as television shows like Daredevil, their outfits have become a lot more functional and cool. They are made of space-age materials that don’t bunch up in weird places and are more flattering. So let’s do a side-by-side of our favorite superheroes and see how far they’ve come through the years.

hulk before and after

Source: Imgur

I still think Lou Ferrigno is better than any CGI Hulk.


spipderman before and after

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From bunched-up pjs (1977) to CGI (2016).

Captain America

captain america before and after

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Is that leather (1990)? A nice hotchi motchi change with added muscles (2016).