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Orangutan Can’t Handle This Magic Trick

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Monkey See, Monkey Don’t Believe It

Half the time I see a magic trick done well, it totally blows my mind. I know it’s all sleight-of-hand, but a well-done trick can really leave you wondering.

One magician decided to pull his tricks on an adorable orangutan, and it instantly became a viral hit.

Aside from being a cute video, this trick goes to show just how smart orangutans are. Wait till you see the monkey’s reaction…

monkey magic trick featured

Source: YouTube @Dan Zaleski

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monkey magic 1

Source: YouTube @Dan Zaleski

In the video, the magician decides to pull the old “keep your eye on the cup” trick after putting something inside. We can see that he probably discards it near his legs, but the monkey doesn’t.

His reaction when he realizes the trick? Priceless.

The Magic

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The video was posted on December 8th and already had nearly 6.5 million views in just three days.