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Oscar Movies Reimagined As Winnie The Pooh

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Finally, Some Controversial Oscars News…

All it takes is one REALLY good viral meme to kick off a trend. Such is the case with this Winnie the Pooh/Oscars mashup, which all started when the famously silly, old bear was reimagined in the film-defining “bear rape” scene from The Revenant.

winnie the pooh version of the revenant

Source: Twitter @dilsexia

Hilarious – thank you, internet. But it didn’t stop there. Here’s what happened 12,000 retweets later…

Bridge of Spies

winnie the pooh as bridge of spies


A movie blogger from Warsaw, Poland named David Adamek saw the original Tweet and decided he’d take things a step further.

The Martian

winnie the pooh as the martian


Adamek decided he’d find a good poster image to represent every movie nominated for Best Picture at this year’s awards ceremony. He even threw in an extra…